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How does our Club work?

Who can become a member of the club? Any user, whether a Campingred client or not, can register on our website.

How can you get stars? You collect stars for each night you stay either on a pitch or in a bungalow / mobile-home. They can be collected throughout the opening periods of our sites in all seasons.

Accumulate stars *

Every 10€ of accommodation consumption = 1 stars
What prizes can be won with the stars? Enjoy great discounts on your accommodation nights: € 17.50 on a plot and € 50 on a bungalow. In all our sites except in the dates periods included in this calendar.

Discount on plot

20 stars () = a night 17.50€

Discount on bungalows

100 stars () = a night 50€
Are you a Campsite manager?
If you are the manager of a campsite or rural accommodation and want information on how to belong to our chain, contact us via this Form.
Grupo Campingred
Grupo Campingred

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